Strategic Regional Advisory Councils

Strategic Regional Advisory Councils have been established in the Kimberley and the Pilbara regions to provide advice on and identify opportunities for:

  • changes that could be made to government expenditure
  • policies, programs and governance to improve Aboriginal outcomes.

The councils play an important role in engagement between government, communities, service providers and industry.

Each council is comprised of:

  • Four regional Aboriginal advisors
  • Four State Government directors general
  • One senior representative of the community services sector
  • One senior Commonwealth Government representative
  • State Reform Leader, Regional Services Reform Unit

Each council is chaired by a director general, with executive officer support provided by the Regional Services Reform Unit. The Aboriginal advisors are drawn from areas of the Pilbara and the Kimberley and have connections with traditional owners, Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal organisations.

Kimberley Aboriginal advisors  Pilbara Aboriginal advisors
Patrick Davies (Fitzroy Crossing) Adrian Brahim (Port Hedland)
Brenda Garstone (Kununurra) Kate George (East Pilbara)
Mary O'Reeri (Beagle Bay) Triscilla Holborow (Karratha)
Martin Sibosado (Broome) Jason Masters (Dampier)
State Government
Emma White - Department of Child Protection and Family Support
Ralph Addis - Department of Regional Development
Vaughan Davies - Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Paul Whyte - Department of Housing
Commonwealth Government 

Marie Taylor, First Assistant Secretary, Housing, Land and Community Capability Division,
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Community services sector 
Irina Cattalini - Chief Executive Officer, WA Council of Social Services (Kimberley SRAC)
Nanette Williams - Chief Executive Officer, Pilbara Community Legal Service (Pilbara SRAC)
Regional Services Reform Unit
Grahame Searle - State reform leader
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