On board with co-design

On board with co-design

Thu 17 May, 2018

The North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund has prioritised the concept of co-design with the appointment of a Board member from Binarri-binyja Yarrawoo Aboriginal Corporation.

The fund is a major initiative of the State Government’s regional services reform and one of 10 priority actions in the Resilient Families; Strong Communities roadmap.

The fund is focused on increasing employment and training opportunities as a pathway to economic empowerment for local Aboriginal people.

Central to improving the well-being of Aboriginal families is the fund’s guiding principle of co-design, a commitment to partner with local Aboriginal organisations in the design of place-based solutions.

Director, Regional Services Reform Unit, Steve Parry, stated co-design partnerships will ensure all projects are tailored to meet the needs of local Aboriginal families from conception through to delivery.

“Co-design partnerships with Aboriginal organisations is now present in all aspects of the fund, from localised working groups through to Board membership.”

The fund’s Board consists of the Directors General of Communities, Primary Industries and Regional Development, senior representatives from Treasury and Department of Communities, and Chief Executive Officer of Aboriginal organisation Binarri-binyja Yarrawoo.

Binarri-binyja Yarrawoo, backbone organisation of Empowered Communities in the East Kimberley, will be invaluable in providing local input to discussions and decisions made by the Board.

“Good stewardship by the Board will maximise opportunities for Aboriginal people, families and communities in the North-West.” Mr Parry said.

The fund is working in partnership with many local Aboriginal organisations in the North-West. Key achievements to date include:

The fund is actively looking for new ways to collaborate with Aboriginal people and organisation in the North-West, for more information on opportunities contact the fund.

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