Building partnerships in the Pilbara

Building partnerships in the Pilbara

Tue 19 June, 2018

The North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund builds momentum with the signing of the first partnership agreement in the Pilbara.

The regional services reform, Resilient Families; Strong Communities roadmap, identified the fund as one of 10 priority actions that will help improve the lives of Aboriginal people living in regional Western Australia.

Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC), the registered native title body corporate for the Kuruma and Marthudunera peoples, signed the first Pilbara partnership agreement with the fund this year.

KMAC will be engaged in the development of emerging Pilbara projects including co-design of transitional housing and accompanying wrap-around service. This collaborative partnership will ensure projects delivered to the region:

  • meet the needs of the local Aboriginal community
  • use a strengths-based approach to empower local Aboriginal families
  • supports those looking to transition from social housing to the private housing market

Director, Regional Services Reform Unit, Steve Parry, stated the strategic priorities of KMAC closely align with that of the fund including, working to achieve independence and community well-being for the Kuruma and Marthudunera peoples and the local Aboriginal community.

“Projects delivered in the Pilbara under the fund will achieve mutual strategic priorities by increasing training and employment opportunities, promoting increased school attendance and supporting local Aboriginal business development.

“By providing an opportunity for Aboriginal families to move out of social housing and incentivising education and employment outcomes, the fund can assist local families achieve financial independence”. Mr Parry said.

The fund will be hosting workshops in the Pilbara over the coming months to engage local Aboriginal organisations and build prospective partnerships.

Kuruma Marthudunera Aboriginal Corporation Board members with Regional Services Reform Unit members
(From left to right) Aoife McMahon, Naomi Bobby, Steve Parry (RSRU), Sara Slattery, Matthew Meyers (RSRU),
Kristie Willock, Peter Iancov, Elaine James, Alan Hudson.

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