Passengers take-off to Kalumburu

Passengers take-off to Kalumburu

Thu 28 September, 2017

Regular flights are taking off to Kalumburu in remote northern WA, after Aviair commenced air services from Kununurra.

Aviair commenced Regular Public Transport (RPT) air services on the Kununurra to Kalumburu air route late July 2017 after extensive engagement with the Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation and consultation with the Department of Transport and Department of Communities, Regional Services Reform Unit.

Acting Director General, Department of Communities, Grahame Searle said this transport link is an example of the Reform Unit driving meaningful collaboration between the government, service providers and Aboriginal people, which underpins regional services reform and is essential for significant, long-term change.

“This new RPT service is a valuable step towards improving living conditions and access to services for Aboriginal people living remotely,” he said.

The new flight schedule provides four return RPT flights a week to the remote Aboriginal community, allowing regular travel opportunities for community members, visitors and service providers alike to get to and from Kalumburu.

Acting Managing Director, Policy Planning and Investment, Department of Transport, Steve Beyer praised Aviair for taking leadership and commercial risks to provide services on unsubsidised air routes like Kalumburu.

 “The flights are a positive outcome for all those living in Kalumburu as well as the State overall. This is an example of the airline industry listening to the needs of the community and identifying an innovative solution.

“The new air services will greatly benefit the local communities as road access to the Kalumburu community is particularly difficult in the wet season when it can be cut off.” Mr Beyer said.

The Regional Services Reform Unit meets with community representatives in Kalumburu last year.

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