Roadmap marks major step towards reform

Thu 14 July, 2016

The Regional Services Reform Unit has released a roadmap outlining major reforms to the delivery of housing, education, employment and human services for Aboriginal people in regional and remote Western Australia.

The ‘Resilient Families; Strong Communities’ roadmap sets out 10 priority actions the State Government will take within two years in partnership with Aboriginal people to strengthen families, improve living conditions, increase job prospects and accelerate student progress at school.

The roadmap was launched in Kununurra today by Minister for Regional Development Terry Redman and Minister for Child Protection Andrea Mitchell.

It is the culmination of several months of discussions with Aboriginal leaders and communities about their hopes for the future.

State reform leader Grahame Searle said the roadmap marked an important milestone in the Government’s regional services reform.

“The roadmap identifies how the Government can work in partnership with Aboriginal people to build stronger communities and more resilient families,” Mr Searle said.

“This is a journey towards long-term and systemic change and it involves things that only the Government can do, things that only communities can do, and things that only families can do to make things better.”

The Regional Services Reform Unit will begin consultation with remote Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara and Kimberley regions next month to discuss the priorities identified in the roadmap.

(L-R) Regional Development Minister Terry Redman, Ted Carlton, Agnes Armstrong,
Lawford Benning, Brenda Garstone, Des Hill, Child Protection Minister Andrea Mitchell and Ian Trust
at the launch of the roadmap at Waringarri Aboriginal Arts.

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