Aboriginal people

Integral to the success of Western Australia's regional services reform is collaboration with Aboriginal people to:

  • ensure actions support the building and maintenance of resilient families
  • ensure programs and services are coordinated to improve service delivery outcomes and build capacity within Aboriginal families and communities
  • negotiate with Aboriginal community representatives as genuine partners of government, corporate and non-government organisations
  • partner on agreed outcomes, benchmarks for measuring progress and management of responsibilities for achieving outcomes.

Aboriginal community corporations

Aboriginal community corporations are influential in the lives of Aboriginal families and play a pivotal role in the interactions between communities and government. Aboriginal corporations:

  • have statutory reporting and accountability obligations
  • hold leases and, in some cases, title to the land on which communities are located
  • are parties to arrangement such as Housing Management Agreements that underpin current service delivery arrangements
  • provide a meaningful path for engagement with the community
  • may manage key community enterprises such as community stores, as well as deliver government-funded services and programs.

The Regional Services Reform Unit is engaging with Aboriginal corporations and will work with government agencies on a model to better support Aboriginal community corporations.

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Last reviewed: 27 Oct 2017