Effective consultation is a significant component of regional services reform. Consultation with Aboriginal people, communities and organisations is essential to successfully implement the directions and priority actions outlined in the 'Resilient Families; Strong Communities' roadmap.

Community-based and stakeholder consultation began in the Kimberley, Pilbara and Goldfields regions in 2016.

The State Government will consult:

  • remote communities about future essential and municipal service delivery arrangements in accordance with the principles set out in the roadmap
  • reserve residents, native title holders or applicants, and other stakeholders about how best to achieve the government’s policy of ensuring that residents of town-based reserves receive the same services and opportunities, and are subject to the same responsibilities, as other residents of the relevant town
  • about land tenure arrangements in remote Aboriginal communities as part of its consultation on essential and municipal services, and to ascertain how tenure change could facilitate further economic or social development
  • in key locations and communities about the willingness to:
  • with and support Aboriginal communities that wish to reduce harm from alcohol
  • with schools and communities in the Kimberley about their willingness to participate in the Kimberley Schools Project
  • Aboriginal organisations and communities about the location of new transitional housing, and potential improvements to the current models of transitional housing


Download the full report 'Resilient Families, Strong Communities: Key insights from consultation with remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia’ 

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Last reviewed: 22 Nov 2017