State Government

Regional services reform is being led by the Western Australian Government's Minister for Housing. The Regional Services Reform Unit was established in 2015 to drive the reform.

Supporting regional services reform are District Leadership Groups. These groups comprise regional Aboriginal advisors and senior representatives of the government and community services sectors.

Pilbara Development Commission

The Regional Services Reform Unit is working in partnership with the Pilbara Development Commission on the Pilbara Town-Based Reserves Project. The project is major initiative of regional services reform, focusing on ensuring that residents of Aboriginal town-based reserves receive the same services and have the same responsibilities as other residents of the nearby town.

Kimberley Development Commission

The Regional Services Reform Unit is working in partnership with the Kimberley Development Commission on housing and transitional support, maternal and early childhood development, the Kimberley Schools Project and family support initiatives.

Local government

All remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia are within the jurisdiction of a local government, however, few (if any) receive significant services from their local government. Local governments have two important roles in regional services reform. The are:

  • potential deliverers of municipal services in town-based reserves and remote communities
  • funders and deliverers of human services.

The Regional Services Reform Unit will involve and consult with local governments about the reform both directly and through District Leadership Groups.

Commonwealth Government

Commonwealth Government cooperation and engagement is critical to the success of regional services reform.

The reform work will ensure that Commonwealth policies and expenditure complement State policies, programs and expenditure in areas such as welfare reform, the Indigenous Advancement Strategy and any implementation of Empowered Communities.

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