More Opportunities

Employment is a key driver of wellbeing. It enables individuals and families to control their own destinies independent of government, and provides meaning and purpose.

Job and business opportunities provide an incentive for individuals to stay healthy, complete school, engage in training, find work, maintain a functional household and then enable the next generation to have the same if not better opportunities.

The level of economic opportunity in regional and remote parts of the Kimberley and the Pilbara varies enormously. Private industry is the main driver of economic activity in these regions, facilitated by publicly-funded infrastructure such as roads, ports and telecommunication facilities.

Beyond this investment, the State Government can:

  • Provide educational options that equip children to take up employment opportunities.
  • Increase training and job opportunities for Aboriginal people in the regions in the public sector and through publicly-funded infrastructure and service provision.
  • Ensure its investment decisions and policies improve participation in education and the market economy, and reduce dependence on welfare.
  • Support individuals and families to move to areas where better education and job opportunities exist.
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Last reviewed: 05 Jul 2016