Remote community consultation

The Reform Unit acknowledges meaningful engagement with Aboriginal people is built on trust, respect and mutual understanding over time. While this particular process occurred over 12 months, on-going engagement with Aboriginal people and remote Aboriginal communities continues at a Reform Unit project level to co-design solutions and outcomes. We also hope that the report will support on-going engagement by other parts of government with Aboriginal families and communities.

The Reform Unit set out to visit as many of these communities as was physically possible. We consulted with communities that in total, are home to more than 90 per cent of the population believed to live in remote Aboriginal communities throughout Western Australia.

We believe that this consultation is the most extensive process ever undertaken with remote communities in this State. Overall, there was much goodwill shown towards the Reform Unit, and we are thankful for the consideration and time that communities gave to our discussions.

The Reform Unit recognises the critical role of our community partners, Aarnja Ltd, Fitzroy Valley Futures, Miriuwung Gajerrong Aboriginal Corporation and the Wunan Foundation, that brokered relationships with communities, built trust, ensured consultation was culturally appropriate and assisted in facilitation in the Kimberley. We would also like to thank the many other organisations, including the Mid-West Aboriginal Organisation Alliance and Ngaanyatjarra Council that provided guidance and support in building relationships with the wider Aboriginal community in the Goldfields, Mid-West and Pilbara.

We undertook this consultation process because we believed in the importance of listening to as many remote residents as we could. Community leaders requested we capture their concerns and aspirations, so learnings could be shared widely. This is what we heard.


Download the full report 'Resilient Families, Strong Communities: Key insights from consultation with remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia’ 

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Last reviewed: 22 Nov 2017