Supporting Families

The services and supports that are available to a family are important in ensuring that children are raised in a safe and secure environment, develop positive wellbeing and resilience and grow into healthy and capable adults.

Government-funded services support individuals and families to have these opportunities for success. Governments provide universal health, early childhood and education services. They also provide safety net support (social housing and welfare payments) for those in need, and services to help people overcome barriers (family support and targeted services, such as drug and alcohol services).

A family's wellbeing is also the responsibility of its members: the family is a far greater contributor to a child's wellbeing than the government.

Regional services reform will innovate in service delivery to respond better to the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people in regional and remote Western Australia by exploring new approaches and strategies to produce better results.

The reform will work towards building new partnerships and strengthening ways of working with Aboriginal people, as well as with the Commonwealth Government, local government, not-for-profit sector, business and industry - which all fund or deliver services.

The guiding principle of the reform's work is that families are enabled to do things for themselves.

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Last reviewed: 21 Sep 2017