The vision for regional services reform is for Aboriginal families in regional and remote Western Australia to be more resilient and for Aboriginal communities to be stronger.

The regional services reform roadmap sets out the direction to achieve this vision and provides the steps to start the journey.

This reform is underpinned by five principles:

  • Every child lives in a safe environment that nurtures early childhood development.
  • Every child receives an education to equip them to make life choices.
  • All adults can access training and employment or other purposeful occupation.
  • Aboriginal people can maintain links to country, culture and kin.
  • Aboriginal people living remotely have certainty about the State Government’s framework for investing in remote communities.

To achieve the vision, the State Government will:

  • Focus its efforts and investment on regional locations that have significant educational and employment opportunities, increasing the likelihood of better outcomes.
  • Progressively work to ensure minimum standards for basic services in larger remote Aboriginal communities.
  • Improve government-funded services in the regions to meet the needs and aspirations of communities, families and children, and support families to succeed.
  • Support Aboriginal families to build the capability of their children wherever they live.
  • Encourage and enable Aboriginal families to move to take up education and employment opportunities, if there are none available where they live, while retaining the ability to connect to country, culture and kin.
  • Maximise the economic opportunities that exist for Aboriginal families in the regions, including through public sector jobs and jobs via public sector contracting and procurement.


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Last reviewed: 27 Oct 2017