Aboriginal Regional Employment Package

The State Government will create new opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses in the regions through State Government recruitment, purchasing and contracting practices.

The State Government is a major employer, capital investor, asset manager and purchaser of goods and services in regional Western Australia and can leverage these roles to create local opportunities for Aboriginal people to move from welfare dependency to employment.

The Aboriginal Regional Employment Package aims to create local employment opportunities for Aboriginal people in the regions by adjusting how the Western Australian public sector recruits staff, lets contracts and buys goods and services. The package will:

  • Increase employment opportunities in the public sector workforce: agencies with a regional workforce will be required to fill vacancies with more local Aboriginal recruits in accord with public sector standards.
  • Increase employment opportunities through government contracting: agencies will work with and require contractors to take on local Aboriginal staff when delivering regional contracts such as housing construction.
  • Increase employment opportunities by procurement from Aboriginal businesses: State Government will look to purchase more goods and services from Aboriginal-owned businesses.
  • Strengthen regional coordination to develop and supply the Aboriginal workforce: State Government will work with Aboriginal organisations and government partners to better coordinate efforts to train and place Aboriginal people without work.
  • Improve accountability for delivering outcomes: agencies will report to Ministers and publicly on delivering the package.
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Last reviewed: 08 Jun 2017