The Goldfields is the largest region in the State, spanning 771,276 square kilometres. As a consequence, the region’s 19 remote communities are extremely diverse. As such this region was consulted in the following two sub-regions.

Kalgoorlie and surrounds, includes seven remote Aboriginal communities in the south west, counting Ilkulka (which is a roadhouse, rather than a residential community). The total population of these southern communities approximates 500.

The north-eastern communities fall within a cultural bloc known as the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, comprising 12 communities with a total population of approximately 1,700 residents. This includes Kiwirrkurra, which is located in the Pilbara but identifies in Ngaanyatjarra cultural bloc and is considered the most remote community in Australia.

Kalgoorlie and surrounds Community leaders from remote Aboriginal communities in the Kalgoorlie area told us they feel their communities are often forgotten in funding for service delivery. They told us there is a lack of resourcing to these communities, meaning children and families are not supported or given the same opportunities are families from other parts of the region.

In addition, the high frequency of people moving throughout the region raises service delivery issues for remote Aboriginal communities and major towns, including Kalgoorlie. Community leaders told us this movement results in poor learning outcomes for students, as schools aren’t catering for transient families.

Community leaders are keen to take up opportunities with local mining companies. Some told us they have genuine and productive partnerships with the industry, though these partnerships are not necessarily translating into employment for their residents.


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Last reviewed: 22 Nov 2017