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Thu 17 May, 2018

The North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund has prioritised the concept of co-design with the appointment of Board member Binarri-binyja yarrawoo Aboriginal Corporation.

Launched in January 2017, the North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund is a major initiative of the Regional Services Reform and one of 10 priority actions in the  Resilient Families; Strong Communities roadmap.

Wed 28 February, 2018

The State Government is working closely with Aboriginal elders and community members to finalise the West Pilbara Plan, which will help address intergenerational disadvantage and child sexual abuse in and around the town of Roebourne.

Through the West Pilbara Plan, which has been shaped by prominent Aboriginal elders, the Roebourne community has begun to take significant steps towards building a stronger community. This includes the development and enforcement of community rules, and fostering genuine partnerships with key response agencies.

Wed 21 February, 2018

Over the next five years the East and West Kimberley District Leadership Groups (DLG) will work collectively with the government, services providers, Aboriginal organisations and local leadership to find solutions to complex local issues and to help improve the well-being of families in the Kimberley.

The two groups identified three regional priority areas that they could work on collaboratively to deliver responsive, integrated place-based solutions, including:

Wed 31 January, 2018

An innovative approach by the State Government to awarding building construction and maintenance contracts will generate multiple positive outcomes for Aboriginal people living the in the Kimberley and Pilbara.

The Department of Communities has established a panel of local builders with the capacity to deliver construction and refurbishment works, while meeting the North-West Aboriginal Housing Funds’ training and employment targets.

Wed 6 December, 2017

This month a productive meeting of the Goldfields District Leadership Group (GDLG) was held in Laverton, with members bringing innovative place-based solutions to the table.

Thu 30 November, 2017

In collaboration with community leaders and residents, the Regional Services Reform Unit has taken the first step towards improving living conditions that will provide a better foundation for family wellbeing in the 10 remote Aboriginal communities taking part in the Essential and Municipal Services Upgrade Program.

Tue 24 October, 2017

Owned and operated Aboriginal business, Novelle Consortium has won the contract to model potential economic and social benefits of the North-West Aboriginal Housing Fund.

Fri 20 October, 2017

This week, the State Government published the first detailed analysis of government service provision and outcomes for Indigenous people living in the Kimberley and the Pilbara.

The mapping of government-funded services and outcomes is a major initiative of the State Government’s regional services reform and one of 10 priority actions in the Resilient Families; Strong communities roadmap.

Thu 19 October, 2017

Community leaders and residents embraced the opportunity for open and honest conversation with government in the most extensive on-the-ground consultation process ever undertaken with remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

Thu 28 September, 2017

Regular flights are taking off to Kalumburu in remote northern WA, after Aviair commenced air services from Kununurra.

Aviair commenced Regular Public Transport (RPT) air services on the Kununurra to Kalumburu air route late July 2017 after extensive engagement with the Kalumburu Aboriginal Corporation and consultation with the Department of Transport and Department of Communities, Regional Services Reform Unit.


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